Certificate of participation:

  • Awards presented at Sunday night social event at Club. Awards and recognition for each team. Awards are for off-field and on-field good behaviour or a show of good sportsmanship.
  • Rotate player awards so all children are acknowledged throughout the season.

Players encouraged to present the team report at the Sunday night social event for families. Younger players enjoy handing out the awards to other age groups. 

Injured players are involved in game day activities.

Club newsletters provide a match report each week noting children that have performed well on the field. Coaches also mention good team behaviour and encouragement in their reports.

Recognition of players that have a 50, 100 and 150 game tally in the Acorn and on Sunday night social night.

Malcomson Medallist awarded annually to a player that has shown leadership and volunteered for the club. 

Club committee members contact information provided each week in the Acorn to improve communication within the club.

Child Safety Officer introduced at players functions and parent nights.

The player captain rotated in some teams to improve leadership skills.

Parents encouraged to be involved on game day, at social events and on the committee.

Players encouraged to assist at Sunday Family night.  

ANZAC day medallist awarded for players of that round who have displayed mateship, courage and leadership.

Diversity Education Session hosted by Stand Up Events.