This policy is intended to assist the Oakleigh Dragons in ensuring all incoming Oakleigh Dragons staff and volunteers are aware of and meet the minimum behavioural standards expected, and is designed to ensure that child safety, equality, and fair treatment are issues at the core of the Oakleigh Dragons culture. Further, it is intended to give Oakleigh Dragons staff guidelines by which to make the right decisions during the hiring process.


2.1          The Oakleigh Dragons will give equal consideration to the submissions of all applicants and will not show bias or discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or any other characteristic.

2.2          Recruitment staff will treat all applicants with the same respect and will provide an “even playing field” during interviews. This includes, but is not limited to, using the same base list of questions for applicants (except when pursuing the specifics of an applicant’s career), allowing the same amount of time for interviews, and allowing the applicants equal chances to ask their own questions.

2.3          The Oakleigh Dragons will not terminate the employment or role of an employee or volunteer based on these characteristics.

2.4          This clause is intended to work in conjunction with the SMJFL’s “Equal Opportunity, Bullying and Harassment Policy”which should be referred to for more detail.


3.1          It is the responsibility of the Oakleigh Dragons to conduct adequate background checks on applicants under consideration for a position with the Oakleigh Dragons. The applicant may only be offered a position if they both agree to and satisfactorily pass these requirements.

3.2          Applicants must supply personal and professional referees with their application. Oakleigh Dragons staff will contact these referees to ensure the suitability of the applicant to our organisation.

3.3          Prior to being offered a position with the Oakleigh Dragons, applicants will be required to beware of all Child Safety Standards.

3.4          Prior to commencing employment with the Oakleigh Dragons, the successful applicant must attain a valid Working With Children Check. The Oakleigh Dragons may offer a position to an applicant prior to the WWC being attained, on the condition that the applicant gains one before commencing work.

3.5          Working With Children Checks must be uploaded and verified via Everproof and sighted by a current Oakleigh Dragons staff member to meet the requirements.

3.6          In addition to these regulated checks, the Oakleigh Dragons staff member(s) undertaking the recruitment process must strive to determine the compatibility of all applicants to these standards through the applicants’ CV and any resulting interviews. Recruiters can consult the “Best Recruitment Practices and Guidelines”during this process.


4.1          The Oakleigh Dragons will treat all information obtained during the application process with discretion and will not share this information with third parties or other applicants, with the exception of information required for the stated background checks.

4.2          The Oakleigh Dragons may retain applicants’ contact information and application documents against the possibility of future employment opportunities. Applicants may request for their information to not be kept at any time following an unsuccessful application.


5.1           This Policy must be made available to all applicants from the commencement of the application process, to ensure their full understanding of rights and requirements prior to submitting an application.