Your Right To
Enjoy Footy

Playing footy is an experience that should be fun. You should be able to make friends, learn and grow, and enjoy everything that a team sport has to offer. You also have a right to be treated properly so that going to training, games or other trips with your club are happy experiences.

That means that if someone is doing something that stops you from enjoying being at footy, you also have the right to speak up and tell someone.

What should I speak up about?

  • Bullying
  • Violence
  • Being picked on or excluded because of your skin colour, religion or something else
  • Someone posting photos or comments about you online
  • Someone at the club making you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome
  • Parents on the sideline saying hurtful things to you
  • Someone touching you in a way that makes you uncomfortable
  • Anything else that bothers you enough to enjoy footy less

Who should I tell?

You should speak up to someone you feel comfortable telling, and who you trust. There are several people you can talk to about a problem, such as:

  • Your Parents
  • Your Coach
  • Your Team Manager
  • The Club President or Secretary
  • The Club Child Safety Officer (this person is trained in how to help you with these problems, and knows who to go to if it is a serious issue)

You should also speak up about other things that change your experience playing football. If you have ideas for how something can be done to make footy more enjoyable it is important you say something. Footy is your game too, and you have a right to tell someone what you think and feel about how it is run.

Your Child Safety Officers are Sonya Moreland, ph: 0417 015 682 and Andrew Allan, ph: 0417 516 756, email: